October 19, 2011

Food As Medicine by Mark Hyman MD ...forward by me

When I talk to people about how much better I feel from changing my diet I get varied responses. Some don't believe me, some believe I don't have Lupus "enough" (well check this link to see how much better I am)
 , some say  "I could never change my diet like that I NEED my bread/cheese/cookies/icecream" (you fill in your own "blank") , some say "feeling better with a diet change was only your experience it wouldn't work for me if I changed my diet". 

1) Again to all of those people I say 2 things read the books on my Books for Healing Post many written by Holistic MD's with lots of their patient's success stories when they changed their diet and lifestyle.(some MD's even tell how they themselves had success changing their diet)

2)And get a celiac test first(and a IgG food allergy test also if you can afford it)...then try a diet change...or I wish I could feed you.... or you could go to a place like Hippocrates Institute or any other raw food (Tree of Life ) or macrobiotic retreat (Kushi Institute) where they feed you all healthy foods for a few weeks/month and let me know how you feel! Bet it would turn out that you felt much better!
Read Mark Hyman MD's post below on "Food as Medicine"

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