June 1, 2010

Weck Canning Jars and Ball Jars

Donna Gates showed really pretty German canning jars, called Weck jars, (see photos above) on her cultured vegetable show that I posted a few days back here is the link to the 3 part show from my blog,  http://lupushope.blogspot.com/2010/05/how-to-make-cultured-veggies-with-donna.html she showed the canning process in part 3 .

The Weck canning jars website http://www.weckcanning.com/ They are all glass, glass top too,  with just a rubber ring to seal them! They have many more styles too, tiny jars and even asparagus jars. Please check out the website.

You can also use Ball canning jars (see photo above) available all year round in hardware stores and at Walmart in season. I use these for smoothies and storing food in the fridge and storing nut milks and even use the smaller ones for lunch packing.

In NY the farm stand season just started this past weekend. When the season is in full swing my husband and I like to freeze and can and make sure we have enough fruits and veggies for the winter. I will write about strawberry picking soon...have a great day!

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