June 1, 2010

Is it REALLY Gluten Free???

I live on Long Island, LI for short. The following is a link to a blog called Gluten Free LI.  This woman, "SueZboss" does a great job posting interesting articles, thought I'd share this one. I know when I went to the doctor and had a celiac blood test the doctor said if I was on a gluten free diet and my marker were high I was probably a celiac...at that time I was sure I was doing a great job avoiding gluten...but it sure makes me wonder...I've heard people say that things like rice milk and other products are allowed to have a 20ppm(parts per million) amount of allowable gluten in the product. If you use a few products like this how much gluten are you getting in your system? And then there is cross contaminations from restaurants and at people's homes and before you know it you may have ingested more gluten than you know! By the way there are also products like DeLand Bakery Millet bread which claimed it was GF til tested and proved to have very high levels of gluten, wheat and yeast when it is said to have none of those in the ingredients...now they have a warning label on the package but I know many celiacs that eat this bread anyway...

Have any of you ran an ELISA test on the Deland bread? I have a friend who is a celiac. She tells me that she sent a sample of the Deland bread to the American Institute of Baking and that it tested as having 10% or more gluten. I didn't believe her, so I ordered an ELISA test kit to test it for myself. Sure enough, my test came out positive for high levels of gluten. I would love to see what other people who do this test come up with.


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