June 10, 2010

Your Skin is like Your Third Kidney

Treat your skin properly because it is your largest detox organ. Be careful of using skin creams and sun screens and make up as they can block pores and then toxins can't get out. Remember, if you don't use sun screen use UV safe clothing to protect your skin, including a hat, long sleeves and long pants. If you stay out of the sun between the hours of 10:00 am to 3:00 pm this is even better. My children want to go to Great Adventure(Six Flags) and I have already told them we are going early and/ or staying late, but mommy will not be out at 10:00 am -3:00 pm. Make sure you stand up for yourself as well and take care of yourself.

A link on how kidneys function below..

When I used to get out of the shower when I was younger I used to give myself a vigorous drying off with my towel. Then one day I watched a show that said you needed to pat your skin dry and not rub it. So I patted dry after that...now my wisdom has shifted again to a nice rub or scrub helps the skin be clean and clear.
Men's faces often stay younger looking than women's due to the facial shaving that they do each day. The shaving process gets blood flowing and takes off dead skin cells and opens the pores. Macrobiotics does a body scrub to accomplish this.

Some info on macrobiotic body scrubbing. This daily scrub, opens the pores to release toxins as well .  The
skin is the  bodies’ largest detoxing organ. When the skin is ridding itself of toxins you may get pimples or a rash. Sweating is a way of detoxing through the skin. Lymph fluids also flow and drain during a body scrub. The lymph area is found in the neck, underarm and groin area. The body scrub also helps blood flow and circulation. It also can help chi (energy) flow through the meridians (I should do a complete post on this), and it can break down fatty deposits under the skin. At first your skin may seem dry but in about a week you will begin to glow and not need any skin creams for moisture or for beauty.

To give yourself a body scrub- Get a cotton face cloth (not dyed), a sink full of hot water, takes only 10-15 minutes.  Daily or twice daily, morning and/ or evening.

Complete as a dry scrub or use wet facecloth, before or after your shower. It is NOT recommended to complete the scrub under the shower as this can deplete the minerals from the body.

 Using a clean facecloth dip it into hot water and wring out the cloth. Place the cloth gently over the face and massage over the face area. Use only the pressure of your hand. This area is sensitive and requires care. Move to the ears and rub inside and then around the ears. Then behind the ear lobe. The ear reflects the organs of the whole body. Move down the neck at either side beneath the ear lobes to the shoulders as the energy meridians travels along this area. Be sure to go down the neck, a number of times, this is very important for women. Put the cloth over one shoulder and rub the back on both shoulders. Move down the inside of the arms going to the thumb, turn the arm over and travel up the arm. Focus on the wrist, palm of the hand and go around the fingers individually. Move down the back, massaging the buttocks and kidney area then the back of the legs stopping at the back of the knees and continue down to the ankles, again focus on the ankles and the toes, individually and the sole of the foot. Come up the front of the leg. Move up to the pelvis to the groin. Move to the stomach area and move in circular motions.

 Morning; energy moves outward and upward. Effect of activating energy flow and vitality.

Evening; energy moves downward and inward, producing the tenancy to rest and relaxation.

More about body scrubs...click below..


Remember your colon and kidneys are great detox organs, but largest  organ with the largest surface area of body for detoxing is your skin. Take care of your skin!

If you exercise or sweat a good amount (replace micro nutrients and minerals) with high quality sea salt, nori and other sea veggies. If you use any type of sauna make sure you replace your minerals, much is lost through sweating (my macrobiotics counsellor said I should not use a sauna at this time because I am mineral deficient and I need to concentrate on replacing minerals)

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