June 23, 2010

Macrobiotic Pot Lucks and "Personal Cure"

I found a new group out on Eastern Long Island, Montauk NY,  to be exact, that has Macrobiotic pot lucks and a "Personal Cure" macrobiotic/healthy living club/group.

Most of you are aware of what a pot luck is..but I tried to explain it to one person recently, and they had never heard of a pot luck.... so.... a pot luck is a gathering of people where each person or family makes or buys (usually makes) and brings a dish/food to share with a group of people, in this case it is along the lines of a macrobiotic theme...

The person in charge and the person who started the groups is named Ken Walles, he owns a hotel in Montauk, NY and used a macrobiotic diet and lifestyle to help him reverse his prostate cancer. He was successful and now 7 years later is still doing great and is cancer free, and wants to share his message to others that you CAN be healthier and happier if you eat and live macrobiotically.

For more info on Ken Walles see my post about him   http://lupushope.blogspot.com/2010/05/ken-walles-macrobiotics-and-prostate.html

He is also on facebook at  http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/profile.php?id=638306742&ref=ts

The pot luck is held at Ken Walles' Hotel called "Oceanside Beach Resort"  please call him for the dates and times (right now it is held on Monday evenings at 6:00pm but is subject to change so call first!)

 The macrobiotic club is called "Personal Cure" The meetings of the club are held at Gurney's Inn in Montauk. The meetings are free. If you are interested in purchasing a prepared macrobiotic dinner prepared by the chef at Gurney's you can do this for only $10.00.  At these meetings, held once a month on Sunday evenings, there is sometimes a movie about health, or a speaker that has reversed a disease, or some other bit on teaching/ learning  how to live a healthier life or what you can do to help reverse your specific disease. I have found it fun and informative and I love attending the meetings although the drive is long (1 and a 1/2 hours with no traffic) and the people you meet in Montauk are often wealthier than the rest of us.(which makes me feel well let's just say "different" ) The people I have met have been very welcoming and helpful and a great time is had by all! If you are on Long Island or want to take a trip there, this group is a terrific experience. BTW For those of you that don't know Montauk is a very beautiful vacation spot, with bed and breakfasts, camping, beautiful beaches and resorts. If you can, check out Montauk and Macrobiotics!

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