June 11, 2010

"Noodle Enlightenment"

Ok, this is a silly commercial.....but I have used the phrase, "Noodle Enlightenment", from the above commercial many times lately."Noodle" being your brain, and "Enlightenment" as the "lightbulb turning on" you know, what Oprah calls the "Aha moment", learning something new and resonating with it. I think learning about your body and what it needs at that specific time, and how to take care of it properly and how to feed it/ fuel it and keep the delicate balance of health takes a lifetime of learning. Your body is constantly changing and going into and out of balance. Balance = Health.

I feel I learn something new everyday...even before starting my nutrition counsellor course...many days I learn so many new things, I feel there will not possibly be any room left in my brain to take it all in! I thank God for showing me that I have so much power over my health and over the care and health of my body and my brain/ mind.

I truly changed my whole life and have much better health and quality of life, much less Lupus symptoms, and learning about this actually changed the whole path of my life. Now I am studying to be a nutrition counsellor and I teach healthy cooking classes... a far cry from a professional dog trainer, and although given the chance I would teach dog training in a minute, I LOVE teaching and helping the bond and understanding grow between a dog and their owner/pack leader. And because I learned about nutrtion and health, with this information, I can help my family and friends and anyone else that will listen and try changing their diet for a while...most times you feel so good you wouldn't DREAM of eating the things you did before!

So here's to "Noodle Enlightenment"!!! ( Just make sure the noodles are Gluten Free if necessary..ha ha )Use your brain everyday, find your special learning style and soak up some new information. Whether you would rather read it, (the library has FREE books), go to a hands on cooking class, watch a video just learn more to increase your knowledge of how to be healthy and how to take care of you body and your mind. Enjoy the journey!

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