June 16, 2010

David Wolfe on Cacao ( Raw Chocolate)

I found this video on Lisa's "Lupus Girl Goes Raw" website if you want to visit her, here is the link http://www.lupusgirlgoesraw.com/2010/06/truth-behind-chocolate.html

I had been wanting to write about chocolate lately and this spurred me to put this one up today. I had been doing a lot of thinking and a lot of research on chocolate myself lately here is my take on chocolate.
Chocolate is one of those foods that some hail as a superfood and others claim is a poison.

My first thing to mention is that chocolate can kill dogs and cats in large amounts (even some amounts less than you would think). That is always in the back of my mind...how good could it be for us if it can kill a dog or a cat....here is a very informative article to read about dogs/cats and other species and toxic effects of chocolate, the quantitiy that is dangerous for animals to eat, why it is toxic, the symptoms of overdose and
treatment. If your dog gets into chocolate by accident you should take them to the vet for evaluation. Also watch out for cocoa bean shell mulch this is toxic too!


Macrobiotics says that chocolate is bad for us. David Wolfe says chocolate is a superfood...also Ani Phyo puts maca in her chocolate to help balancing the bodies adrenals from getting "stressed out" from the theobromine in the chocolate...

Health benefits of chocolate

Here is another great article...

I LOVE chocolate and it is something that I am not allergic too, surprising but true! So I find it is my favorite pleasure lately when I want something sweet. I do not overdo it and I had been feeling that it helped me feel better. After seeing David Wolfe's video above, it is probably the lung function that it helps me with. I will write about this soon but the accupuncturist that I met said she saw one thing by doing facial diagnosis that screamed at her that I had a problem... and  it was my lungs. I have been having  issues lately taking a deep breath and yawning a lot lately...

I want to write more on foods that some people say are superfoods and others say these same foods are bad for you. Some of these are coffee, yogurt/fermented dairy, etc.

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