April 7, 2011

Book Review "The GF (Gluten Free) Kid..."

If you know me, you know I love reading, researching, learning and books and the library.

My daughter shares my food allergies/intolerances of gluten, dairy and eggs and lots more intolerances as well. My daughter and I were never tested for Celiac Disease before going gluten free. We have decided that we have such a strong reaction that we almost definitely are Celiacs and someday we will test for it to prove it (so far you need to go back to eating gluten to get a definitive doctor's test). Yes there are DNA tests but specialists argue that that proves you have the gene not the disease and supposedly you can have the gene without the manifestation of Celiac Disease, it seems there is a "catalyst" of some kind that spurs on the disease. I also heard of a new lab called Cyrex that has a new saliva test but I need to research that test and if you need to be eating gluten at the time of testing. http://www.cyrexlabs.com/

My point through all that is that it is hard to explain to her friends why she eats certain things and not others or why she can't have certain candies or a cupcake or ice cream at a party or share a friend's dinner and why she needs to bring her own food....

We found a great book at the library called "The GF(Gluten Free) Kid, A Celiac Disease Survival Guide" by Melissa London. It explains really well what it is like for a child that has Celiac Disease what is allowed and not allowed to eat. How the girl in the story was diagnosed, what she tells her friends and although she can't eat some things that there are still many delicious alternatives to favorite foods. In the back of the book there are many resources of books,websites, celiac organizations, where to get gluten free foods, etc.
I highly recommend this book. I found it at my local library.


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