April 3, 2011

How this Blog Started...A Rewind for any New Folks Here

This will give you a look into what started me on my healing journey and made me question and rebel against the system and try to find a different way to heal....

Autism is reversible???? Heard it from Jenny McCarthy on Oprah!

Pet food recalls and holistic raw dog food seminars and muscle testing for food intolerances!

What is Nutritional Kinesiology (muscle testing for food intolerances and could it REALLY work???

"Lupus Recovery Diet" book matches my kinesiology results really closely!

Lupus Recovery Diet and MS Recovery Diet are much the same!

The Books, written by Medical and Holistic doctors and other expert,s that I read to find most of the information that I tell you about on this blog

And I find more and more everyday in my research that I will continue to post on my blog that supports the theories and  protocols that changed my life and my health.

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