April 11, 2011

New Findings through My Research

Some interesting findings through my research....I will talk about them all soon...investigate them early yourself if you want to...

I need to finish my nutrition course...the deadline is coming and I  have to bury my head in my college work and finish up the last details. I wanted to let you all know some of what's coming next on my blog.


Medicinal mushrooms AHCC Complexes


Telomeres and TA 65

Raw foods desserts

Grain free

More on "Your Health" show

Doctor directory

Craving sweets is OK sometimes (5 tastes)

It is possible to make a GFCFEF "Funny Bone" is this using my cooking "powers" for  good or evil???

Stress and relationships and health- stress questionaire

Lifestyle choices besides diet that greatly affect your health or lack thereof

Cytomegalo virus and other viruses and double stranded  DNA connection

Are YOU ready to change your diet? My questionaire and inventory (a repost)


Natural chelators (to remove heavy metals)

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