July 8, 2011

My Oldest Dog Has Passed On....

My oldest dog Jenna, at almost 13 years old, passed over the "Rainbow Bridge".

http://youtu.be/ZcQvYh_3Atw A touching video about the Rainbow Bridge Poem for anyone that has lost a beloved pet.

My dog Jenna had gotten very ill about 3 months ago she had diarrhea and was not eating and hiding in the bushes outside in the cold weather, shivering...we thought she was a goner...we had thought she got into poison outside of some kind.

Then we took her to the vet and the vet stopped the diarrhea and she began eating lightly again but we found from xrays taken that she had a very large liver tumor and probably wouldn't make it much longer.

She lived another 3 happy months, really springing back from the illness. I feed my dogs raw food (the Volhard Diet) and we added in more veggies and greens and chicken soup and broth and rice baby cereal and she did very well for a time..... but the vet warned that the mass was large and would probably eventually affect her eating and digestion and press on nerves and hurt her, most likely the vet told us she was already in pain.

Well this week she started having trouble walking and couldn't get comfortable in any position to relax and we decided that it was time to put her to sleep....it was very sad but we are happy to know she is at peace now.

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  1. Really sorry to hear Toni, sad news to lose a beloved dog... I am sure she was a very happy, well looked after dog. Hope you are doing ok xx