July 9, 2011

My Outgoing Comments Box is Having Technical Difficulties

While I figure out why I can receive but not send comments on Lupus Hope I wanted to comment back to Shaista.

Thank you Shaista for the kind words...it is rough (pardon the pun) because I find myself so expecting Jenna to be there. I take out 3 dog bowls instead of just 2 now and sadly put one back...and the other day, out of habit, I cooked 3 eggs, one for each dog, and then was sad because Jenna missed her delicious breakfast  (PS My husband, daughter and I don't even eat eggs we're all allergic only my son and animals do! I buy them mostly for my animals!) Jenna was such an easy going dog and very sweet almost no trouble at all to look after, but she did love her food (and could even steal foods at inappropriate times...) We miss her, but time will heal....Toni

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