July 22, 2011

Negative Emotions and Illness by Alex Ortner

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 looked like a message I needed to hear today...thought I'd pass it along...
do YOU need this message as well???

If Research Shows That Negative Emotions Can Lead Illnesses to Worsen...What Do You Think Your Emotions Are Doing For Your Health Right Now?
Hi Toni,
There are a number of studies available that have shown the effects of our mind on our physical health. One of these such studies was done with cancer patients where patients that held certain negative emotions were shown on average to have their symptoms worsen and patients with positive thoughts were shown on average to have their symptoms improve.
There were four main causes for these patients worsening symptoms and they were number 1, an inability to release their anger and resentment, number 2, problems with intimacy in relationships, number 3, a low self worth and number 4 they felt like a victim of their condition.
The positive emotions that cause improvements were even more profound...
Can you guess what the top 2 emotions were that brought on improvements? To find out go ahead and watch the third installment in the fr*ee "Cracking your Health Code" series by clicking on the image to the right.
The first two videos in the series were phenomenal (you can watch them by clicking here for #1 or clicking here for #2) but I think that this video is probably my favorite because as you may already know...I'm a huge proponent of the connection between our emotions and our health.
I've seen countless people who eat well but get sick because they live with heavy negative emotions like anger, resentment and guilt.
What I found especially interesting about this video is what Dr. Dan and Morgan Langan had to say about the mental process that people are taken through with traditional doctors and how it effects their health.
If for no other reason...watch this video to open up your awareness to the psychological damage that doctors and drug companies cause that lead to worsening health and the psychological victim mentalities that they instill that cause serious harm.
To watch this video go here:
To your health,

Alex Ortner


  1. EXCELLENT! Love the message....

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Yes How we think really matters. We should all check our attitudes now and then and ask are they getting us what we want or are they doing us harm? Glad you loved the message!