February 6, 2013

Reminders on Healthy Eating...

Good for me to remind myself every so often as well....I don't always eat healthy...sorry to say.

I have issues with gluten.dairy and eggs so I avoid those in my diet (am trying to cut back on soy also since I had a larger reaction on my last food allergy test.)

Lots of fresh veggies

Less to no grains

Some low sugar fruits

Whole, real foods

Meat or fish to get Omega 3's and/or iron (or make sure you include nuts/kale/beans and other omega 3 iron rich plant foods- at this point in my research  I feel meat and fish in small quantities is good for maintaining health)

Less to no refined sugar.

Less salt (if you overdo)

Less or preferably no processed meats/foods

Less to no canned foods

Water or tea (coffee can give issues to some)

Some things that still trip me up. I love to bake/make sweet treats. I love my dark chocolate. I also enjoy uncured nitrate free hot dogs (very rarely). I get lazy at times when faced with chopping veggies/making healthy foods (cooking and preparation lacks at times)

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