June 1, 2015

Some Favorite Holistic Sites and Holistic Health Practitioners

I will add to this post..this is a preliminary

Stephen Sinatra MD----  Holistic Cardiologist

Natural Mentor (website)

Andrew Weil MD

Gerson Institute

Hippocrates Health Institute

Doctor Oz MD

Tapping Solution

Fred Pescatore MD

Dr. Joseph Mercola MD


Mike Adams

Brenda Watson

David Wolfe

Dr. Becker MD

Woman to Woman

Mark Hyman MD

Christine Gizoni (chiropractor/nutritionist))

Doctor Donielle Wilson ND

Steve Nenninger ND

Peter Osborne (chiropractor/nutritionist)

Gluten Free Society

Kevin Gianni

Matt Monarch

Donna Gates Body Ecology

Ron Teeguarden


Dr. Daneil Amen MD and Tana Amen

Robyn Openshaw

Kushi Institute

Truth Calkins

Christina Pirello

healing lupus Stacey Becker

Daniel Vitalis

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