May 8, 2012

Doctors Should Be Held Accountable for Drug Caused Deficiencies

Drink those green smoothies/juices!

***NEVER stop taking medications without a doctor's help...if you want to get off medications and your regular physician won't agree to help you seek a holistic physician with many great references!

I don't know how many of you take prescription pharmaceuticals or how many of you have parents that fall into the trap of getting older and their doctor just keeps writing out the prescriptions and before you know it the patient is on slews of medications for this, that and the other thing....

Here is my point for today...if a doctor writes a prescription for a medication that is known to cause B12 deficiency, at the VERY LEAST the doctor should test this patient for the deficiency to start and tell the patient to supplement that nutrient if needed and also check periodically for deficiency. Right now my mother in law is on many medications. The only way she can find out about drug caused deficiencies is by asking the pharmacist. OK, the pharmacist knows what drug causes what ....why aren't the doctors expected to know and care? Unless she takes it on herself  her B12 deficiency or supplementation and progress in correcting that deficiency, will not be kept track of. Most doctors don't test for B12 or even know the best B12 test
 (It is the MMA test

You all know how I feel about medications to start with...covering up a symptom is never a good need to get to the ROOT CAUSE and correct the body's issues or you will never heal, taking medication just puts a band-aid on. Yes sometimes we need the occasional band-aid but eventually we need the body to heal itself.

If you are on medications please check what problems they cause and make sure your doctor is paying attention! You tell him/her what tests to order if necessary!

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