October 21, 2010

Obviously I'm BAAAAAACK!

Well I'm back! I accompanied my daughter for a week long trip to Italy. My brother, my daughter's God Father, gave her a gift of a trip to Italy, because she is in her 3rd year of Italian language classes in school . I accompanied her to make her feel more at ease (we don't live near her God Father so she hasn't seen him in a while) also my daughter has many of the same food allergies/intollerances that I have so I wanted to keep her on her diet and her tummy/digestion as comfortable as possible.

In Italy they are very savvy about Celiac Disease/Gluten Intollerance as well as other food intolerances and they are very knowledgeable on how to eat to feel their best! I will put up some of the stores/products that we found on  http://www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com/  , although all of the products we bought were GFCF (gluten free/casein/dairy) and egg free,  they were still processed food so it's really not good to have much of when you have Lupus or any other disease. My daughter wanted to have goodies though and I had to eat what was available....In my defense we also cooked when possible (my brother rented a house for a few days and we stayed at a hotel for a few days) and ate healthy at restaurants and ate lots of fruits and veggies too! But sometimes we ate cookies and bread and procuitto and chocolate covered pretzels (GFCF and egg free of course).....

Will try to write more on the following too about Italy......

 I've been so busy! I will let you know about my news on my cooking classes in the next post. And I am coming up to the completion of my nutrition counsellor college course! and I want to continue learning in college it has been a wonderful experience!

Hopefully a list of what I would like to mention about Italy and food intolerances and other subjects in the future on my blog....

Farmacias (celiac foods and intollerance testing you run yourself?)



American music

Celiac Disease in many Italians


lots of corn (restaurant asked me corn OK? Dr. Steve said that corn is very much like wheat and can cause immune allergic reactions many times also, much more than other grains.

Hotel croissants GFCF but had eggs...d/s brand link

D/S Dr. Schar Diet Specialists/ Hazelnut spread/schar rolls/biscottini cookies and choco chip cookies/links

olive oil


chef card

mixed salad

gelato rice or soy

airports terrible about food


stray dogs/cats

read boxes/order allergy free

book Passport to allergy free travel book

Processed foods, daughter and not caring about prices, (in defense lots of salads, roasted vegs and fruits!)

Asked local Italian gourmet shop to try to import some things for us, husband's good idea

Procuitto organics and GF at Auchan whole aisle

Kyoto Treaty and environmental protection

Bringing a suitcase of food

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