October 5, 2010

Should We be Vegan for Life?

My take on a raw food or vegan diet at this point in my research, is much like this gentleman's view. It is a great healing/detoxifying diet but then you need to go from there, and add in anything else your body needs. It seems as though there were no healthy vegan societies in history. I have found this before in my research. There are societies that eat less meat/dairy/eggs but there are no lifetime total vegans in history that were studied and shown to be healthy. On the flip side USA eats the SAD diet, way too much meat and animal products and factory farmed animals that are not raised and fed properly.

I also don't believe that cooked food is bad or addictive as some say...if you have an issue with food addiction get food allergy tested and many times you will find that the issue you have with that specific food/or foods is that you are allergiec to it and are craving it unnaturally. (just search for "food cravings and food intolerances" as a search on the internet) or search this on my blog if you like, I have written about this before.

The moral of the story again is get your blood tested, and make sure you are healthy, on whatever diet you choose.

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