June 2, 2012

B12 Deficiency and Common Lupus and other Disease Symptoms

Toni Camara Kaste shared Dr. Fred Pescatore's status.
Spotlight today on: Vitamin B12 – this helps to regulate the expression of genes, meaning it prevents things like cancer from happening. Most processed foods are fortified with folic acid, which masks B12 deficiency, signs of which are aggression, obsessive-compulsive behavior, sleeplessness, & tingling in the arms & legs. Don’t settle for low levels even if they are “low normal.” 200 to 1,100 picograms per milliliter is normal, but levels of under 400 increase your risk of mental health problems like dementia and depression.
Best Sources: Shellfish, fish, liver, beef, eggs

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    • Toni Camara Kaste Doctors should study nutrition and how deficiencies "present". Or at the very least should ALWAYS work with a nutritionist with each patient...then less patients would hear from the doctor "gee you have numbness and tingling...I'll give you this drug, or I don't know why your having these symptoms, live with it, or ..." or worse they tell the patient they're crazy or have too much anxiety or stress in their lives or maybe it's a panic attack....TEST for DEFICIENCIES!!!!! Supplements are necessary many times whether you eat meat or are a vegan most people are low and also to reiterate, the best test for B12 deficiency is the MMA test and homocysteine levels

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