June 29, 2012

More on Lyme Disease...

Things that I learned at a lecture by Jesse Stoff MD of   East End Wellness Center
Do I have Lyme Disease or don't I? That is the question that has been plaguing me for some time now. More news below for you about tests for Lyme disease.

My story: I have hunting dogs, I used to run them often in the woods, now not so much...but when I went to a holistic MD in 2010 he was concerned about the Lyme Disease test results we got back.

I went to see a "specialist"--an Infectious Disease Control Doctor. He did all the tests he could and said that they were not conclusive. It appeared I did not have Lyme Disease although some findings came back "odd" (like I had only one positive "band" on my results), but he attributed that to my compromised immune system from Lupus.

Fast forward to spring this year, I was bitten by a tick, and it had the markings of a deer tick. I didn't realize it was on me until it had been there for over a day. I live on Long Island, where Lyme Disease is prevalent. I have been having occasional headaches and a stiff neck and shoulder (which I had been attributing to what I ate- maybe gluten cross contamination).... Well, after that lecture (sure glad I went) I 'm off to get tested again asap.

A few things I learned that I did not know that EVERYONE should know:

There are definitive tests for Lyme Disease: (even if you've had it for a long time)
  • Western Blot Test - can diagnose Lyme Disease as early as 3 days after tick bite (but not always helpful for long standing Lyme disease.)
  • Six peptide antibody test -  another really reliable test
  • Labs can culture and grow Lyme Disease - This is a DEFINITIVE test!
  • The tick that bit you can be sent to a lab to be tested to see if it is carrying Lyme Disease


  1. Hi Toni,

    Did you ever find out if you have lyme disease? Are you being treated for your lupus or do you treat it naturally with foods?


  2. Hi rominalifehappens.

    I found out the culture test for Lyme's Disease is around $600. I just can't afford it at this time. Another holistic doctor also said he is not convinced that it would be that definitive...I still would try it if I had the $. I do not take any medications for my Lupus but go to a rheumotologist for checkups. I also go to holistic doctors when I can afford them. I mostly try to keep myself as healthy as possible with my diet, exercise (when I can peel myself off the couch- just lazy about that- not that I feel ill)and trying to stress less...feel free to "talk" with me anytime!