June 7, 2012

Common Sense Healing

Hi! I am still in the process of selling my home and buying the next one. We are also packing, packing and packing! Forgive me for the lack of regular posting. My kids are also going to be out of school soon for the summer also. I will  try to do my best to keep posting regularly. Do ask questions if you'd like and I'll do my best to answer them!

I will have to post a bunch on my new home and how we will keep the toxins down, our health up and the new purchases to a minimum, both to save money and because new items, if not ecologically friendly, out gas tons of toxins (new beds/furniture/rugs/laminates etc) Now on to today's post....

People still have a hard time seeing the common sense behind holistic healing. If you or a friend  or family member have a disease of some type, even if you decide to go the conventional doctor route, it makes sense to:

1) Get rid of inflammation and eat an anti-inflammatory diet, this includes getting rid of hidden food allergies.

2) Find out if you have toxins in your body and the best/easiest ways to discharge them, and DEFINITELY limit you exposure to new toxins (if your body is already loaded with toxins you don't need to expose yourself to more toxins if they are avoidable)

3) Does your body need support/supplements ? Is your body deficient in any nutrients necessary for it to function properly? Find out all deficiencies and correct them ASAP!

4) Trust your body. If it can heal a cut finger and grow new cells for repair,  it can heal almost anything.

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