July 2, 2010

Macrobiotic Cooking Class

Went to a Macrobiotic cooking class given by Susan Kreiger at The Montauk Hill House, a bed and breakfast, in Montauk NY. The kitchen was beautful and large enough to accomodate 20 people that atended the class! I wish I had a kitchen like that to teach in!

Susan made a 3 course lunch that was delicious and one of the best things was the macrobiotic living/healing advice she gave as she cooked. I was put off when my macrobiotic counsellor said I had to go to a class to learn to cook..didn't he know I know how to cook already?? But I have to admit although I could have cooked what Susan made and I knew how to do it, she did pair ingredients like tempeh and sauerkraut that I probably wouldn't have thought about...then add in all that great macrobiotic living/healing information as she cooked and YES friends it WAS a GREAT IDEA to attend a cooking class...even for ME!

It was also great to have someone else cook for my husband and I and although the class was expensive we did get a meal included and my husband and I considered it a "date". Montauk is a beautiful , as was the bed and breakfast we learned at, and we ate at picnic tables on a beautiful stone,  outdoor balcony /deck.

Everything said,  it was a very fun, delicious and informative time that was had by all! Try attending a macrobiotic cooking class, or a raw food class. It is also great to be around like minded people who will support you!

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