July 20, 2010

Only if You are Having a Craving...

Glazed Salmon and a Pressed Salad

I wanted to tell you / remind you about the other recipe blogs that I have (the links are a little lower on the left side bar on Lupus Hope also for you to click on any time)

Only Look HERE if you Have a Craving that you can't kick...in other words these are only for OCCASIONAL TREATS....do not eat all the time if you have Lupus or other health issues! I am telling you this because I care and want you to feel well! These are all Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Mostly Egg Free... GF Vegan, but are still baked foods and just not as nutritious as the recipes in the Lupus Hope Cookbook.

For healthier foods...click below
Super Healthy Foods...Many Macrobiotic and Raw Recipes.


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