July 31, 2010

We're Camping Again!

Sorry for the lack of posting, I will return again soon. I am learning so much new information to share with you all through my certified nutrition counsellor course.

 We made my GF Vegan Pizzas in a dutch oven at the campground! They came out great! I will tell you all about it when I can...have a great day!

July 23, 2010

"Fermented Foods that Heal" ...Webinar (Cross Post) 7/31/10 Saturday

Strengthening the gut (intestines) is key to people with Lupus too, I know this webinar is for autism but in my research I am always amazed at how much of what benefits autism treatments (holistic/dietary),  benefits Lupus patients as well! See if you can make it to this webinar. Have a nice weekend!

Nutrition Healing : Free Webinar: Fermented Foods that Heal has been

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Subject: Free Webinar: Fermented Foods that Heal

Gut bacteria - Autism

Cod Liver oil or Fermented Cod Liver oil?

Fermented Foods that Heal
Fermented Foods that Heal: increase gut flora,strengthen immune system

Gut bacteria may contribute to autism
Many autism studies have linked metabolic abnormalities and gastrointestinal problems. Some of the symptoms are gut pain, diarrhea, constipation. Several studies have also hinted at changes in gut bacteria in the feces of children with autism.

A large proportion of autistic children have severe gastrointestinal problems that tend to appear at about the same time as the behavioural symptoms.

To investigate whether signs of these metabolic changes might be detectable in children's urine, Jeremy Nicholson and colleagues at Imperial College London investigated 39 children with autism, 28 of their non-autistic siblings and 34 unrelated children.
"It adds another link to the gut bacterial involvement in the onset of disorder," says Glenn Gibson of the University of Reading, UK, who has previously identified abnormally high levels of clostridium bacteria in children with autism.
One possibility is that the gut bacteria in children with autism are producing toxins that might interfere with brain development. One of the compounds identified in the urine of autistic children was N-methyl-nicotinami de (NMND), which has also been implicated in Parkinson's disease.

Meanwhile, Derrick MacFabe of the University of Western Ontario in London, Canada, and his colleagues have found that short-chain fatty acids produced by clostridium bacteria can induce reversible autism-like behavioural and biochemical changes in rats.

"Nicholson's study did find some biomarkers of gut clostridial populations that we think contribute to autistic symptoms," says MacFabe, who presented his findings at a meeting of the International Society for Autism Research in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in May 2010
Further research is needed to confirm whether bacteria is contributing to autism and if so how.
"If you could identify kids who were at risk much earlier by a chemical test rather than by observing the manifestation of full-blown behaviour, we could get them into therapy much earlier," says Nicholson.

The next step is to confirm the results in a much larger group of age-matched children, as well as following high-risk children from birth in order to identify whether there are markers that precede the development of autistic symptoms.

Journal reference: Journal of Proteome Research, DOI:10.1021/ pr901188e

Cod Liver oil or Fermented Cod Liver Oil

Cod Liver Oil is the number one nutritional supplement derived from the liver of cod fish. Its has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, and very high levels of vitamin A and vitamin D.

Modern industralisation processing involves heating as one of the process while making cod liver oil.
Sally Fallon President of Weston A Price Foundation talks highly about Fermented Cod Liver Oil.

She said that throughout history, cod liver oil was traditionally processed via fermentation, and not processed with heat. She said that the fishermen would throw the livers into a barrel, add a little sea water, and then leave it to ferment.

Dave Wetzel founder of Green Pasteurs feels why fermented cod liver oil is better for us:

1. Fermented fish liver oils are extracted without heat but rather a natural lacto-fermentation

2. We select exclusively organ tissue as the source of the fermented fish oils (compared to industrial model fish oils) as this is where the nutrients are located. There is much more to fish oil nutrients than EPA and DHA. It is only because of the heavy industrialization of this industry that this field of products has nothing else to discuss but Omega 3, EPA and DHA. These nutrients will occur naturally in all fish oils including the fermented clo/skate liver oil. I think the real story is in the thousands of micro nutrients that are provided in a Fermented fish oil.

3. Fermented liver oils are a deep rich pigment. Pigments are nutrients.

4. The oils have a 8-9mg/g total quinone count. Butter oil is in the 23-25 mg/g range. These figures are very high! The complex of the quinones is completely different between the fish liver oils and the butter oil. Even the quinone complex between the different fish oils is unique (variety is complete nutrition). Quinones consist of nutrients such as vitamin K's, vitamin E's, CoQ enzymes and other known and unknown nutrients/component s.

5. Lacto-fermentation transforms natural vitamin A into different metabolites that are easily absorbed into our bodies (just as in your gut if your gut is working properly). I have found reference to at least 15 different natural forms of Vitamin A that nature provides. Not just the 2-3 that are commonly discussed.

6. There are over 3000 derivatives of vitamin D. Many are natural and others are produced in laboratories. Not much of the vitamin D topic is understood or discussed in mainstream science. Current discussions are just scratching the surface of the topic. Reminder, vitamin D is more accurately categorized as a hormone, not a vitamin.

7. At some point I would like to see the science on the effects of plant hormones and a variety of quinones as they relate to human health. Science is just starting to look at these questions.

8. Efficacy - there is a difference between the processed cod liver oil and the fermented CLO.

9. It takes 6 months to 1 year to make fermented cod liver oil. This is why it is no longer made.

10. Fish oils have historically been fermented for extraction; back in the Roman empire days, Viking era and all the way up to the Mid 1850s. Rendering was introduced during the mid 1850s as a more efficient fish liver processing method. The livers yielded a much higher total oil volume and the process could be accomplished in several hours rather than several months. What they did not understand is the effects that heat had on the nutrients (their science was not ready to address this question) . As with all industrial models, the focus was on: profitability, speed or turns and, marketability (taste).

11. Economical. Substantially more nutrients (including A/D) per ml or teaspoon compared to other brands. Source: Green Pastures

Fermented Foods that Heal

The impact of diet and nutrition on human health is not new. Eating right healing (nutrient-rich) foods in a right way can virtually help is every medical condition.

Nutrition-healing is simply giving yourself the best possible intake of nutrients to allow your body to be as healthy as possible and to work as well as it can.

Good Nutrition is a foundation of Good Health .


Fermented Foods: Living Foods with abundant nutrition

What is Fermentation?

How fermented foods can heal the gut issues and increase the gut flora in the body?


Manisha Lad CNC
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Title: Nutrition Healing FREE webinar: Fermented Foods That Heal

Date:Saturday, July 31, 2010

Time:11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EST

Register: https://www2. gotomeeting. com/register/ 542915827

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Breakthroughs in Natural Medicine Lecture Update

Received this from Dr. Steve by email

Breakthroughs in Natural Medicine  by Steve Nenninger ND

July 31st at 11 am (sharp) at Port Jefferson Village Center, NY (Long Island)

Talk will be 45. minutes maximum. We will follow with a question and answer for 15 minutes. After the talk I will do the IGG testing and blood typing as needed.

Preparing some new information on disorders of sugar metabolism. People of German descent have a 40% incidence of some sugar metabolism disorders.
Pictures and maps to follow.

©2010 Naturopathic Medicine for Colitis
Naturopathic Medicine Port Jefferson and Manhattan

LINK to Dr. Steve's website, click below

July 20, 2010

Whole Body Action Plan...Yesterday on Martha Stewart

Caught pieces of the show yesterday....here is the website info. Looked very interesting.


Expanding My Cooking Class Business

Please see my Healthy Treats and Eats Blog at


I will be giving various cooking classes and health classes in the fall at my local Community Education (like Adult Education)

Only if You are Having a Craving...

Glazed Salmon and a Pressed Salad

I wanted to tell you / remind you about the other recipe blogs that I have (the links are a little lower on the left side bar on Lupus Hope also for you to click on any time)

Only Look HERE if you Have a Craving that you can't kick...in other words these are only for OCCASIONAL TREATS....do not eat all the time if you have Lupus or other health issues! I am telling you this because I care and want you to feel well! These are all Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Mostly Egg Free... GF Vegan, but are still baked foods and just not as nutritious as the recipes in the Lupus Hope Cookbook.

For healthier foods...click below
Super Healthy Foods...Many Macrobiotic and Raw Recipes.


The Next Ten Minutes: 51 Absurdly Simple Ways to Seize the Moment by Andrew Peterson

A book coming out in October 2010. Looks good... I like anyone that says seize the moment and be "in the moment". People talk on cell phones too much (and other distractions) and don't enjoy the moment right in front of them...


July 17, 2010

Foods to Eat that Act as Natural Suncreen

I have heard that the foods you eat can help your body thwart more of the UV rays it may be exposed to, (remember flourescent bulbs indoors produce UV rays too!) . Here are 2 great articles on the subject. Eat your watermelon and tomatoes (if  tolerated) and any other high lycopene foods for natural sun protection from the inside, out!

***MAKE SURE that you cover up with UV rated clothes/hats or use sun screen if you have Lupus, don't rely ONLY on foods you eat for sun protection***



July 16, 2010

Gluten Free Diets Can Be Healthy!

This would be an occasional treat!

I am so tired of hearing people and articles claiming/implying that gluten free diets have LESS nutrition, you get LESS fiber, and it is LESS healthy in general...what are they CRAZY???

...if you take the wheat, barley rye and oats, bread cakes and cookies and replace it with starchy, empty flours like potato starch and tapioca starch and arrowroot and white rice flour it WILL be as good as eating white flour even if it is Gluten Free! (You need to cut back on baked goods in general, bread, cakes and cookies should be occasional treats)

But Raw Food diets can be gluten free, as can Macrobiotic diets, Paleo diets these are incredibly healthy diets! ...if you take the wheat, barley rye and oats and replace it with whole grains and whole grain flours,(or avoid the grains altogether) have beans, veggies and fruits etc. You WILL be healthier than when you were eating wheat, barley, rye and oats! You can use bean flours, nut flours and whole grain flours like quinoa, millet, buckwheat etc.
(Also don't have too many baked goods as flours, even if the flours are whole grain they are still processed foods, you should eat the whole foods as they are in nature as much, and as often as possible)

Healthy and delicious gluten free foods

Brown Rice
Flax Seeds
And many more!

July 14, 2010

Geneen Roth on Oprah the other day....

Another nutrition school that I had looked into was "Integrative Nutrition Institute" Geneen Roth is one of their affliliates. I had wanted to look up what she was about, and then I saw Geneen on Oprah the other day when she was on, I only caught the very end of the show. Unfortunately my VCR (yes VCR I live in the old days...) was broken and I couldn't record it when it aired the second time later in the day...but went to http://www.oprah.com/  to read about the show. Here is the link to more info...whether you are trying to lose weight or change your diet to be healthier I think this will help you.
 (For me all it took was having the pure will to take the foods that were allergens out, after I visited the kinesiologist.... right away I felt better, no headaches/migraines/less to no joint pains,  and as an added bonus I dropped all the extra weight  I was carrying effortlessly, there are lots less calories in your diet if you don't eat gluten, dairy and eggs, meat and fill in with fruits and veggies and whole grains and nuts)


July 13, 2010

Anatomy and Physiology AGAIN!

When I was in high school biology was one of my favorite subjects..this was one reason that I went to school for Veterinary Science. I took a VERY involved anatomy and physiology course in college and although it was hard I did enjoy it very much.

In my nutrition counsellor certification course I had a quick overview of anatomy and physiology again...it is VERY interesting to go through this again when I have questions about my health with Lupus and Hashimoto's Thyroiditis. I need to take more notes and post some things from the course that "made me think".  For instance what exactly do your kidneys, liver or other organs supposed to do for your body and is there a reason that those organs are not doing what they're supposed to, or is that organ function linked to some other organ system or is there a hormone missing for that organ to function...

I am really enjoying the course and I will try to post information as I think of it.

July 12, 2010

Yikes! What a Life I've Been Having Lately!

Here goes....life's been a "booger" lately...

My husband had a company shut down last week (a forced vacation)...these are some of the highlights of the week (sarcasm)

My guinea pig died (of old age peacefully)

One of two of my daughter's ferrets had to go to the vet because of trouble breathing and lethargy, turned out the vet said it was cancer and she needed to be put to sleep...

My daughter's 4H farm camp that she goes to each year fell on my husband's "vacation" she LOVES it so we kept it as is. This stopped my husband and I from having all day to enjoy because we had to drop off and pick up my daughter from camp each day.

My middle dog, of the 3 that I have,  tried to jump the fence and pierced/impaled herself with a large splinter  (more like a thin stick of wood off the corner of the 4x4 post) thankfully the stick didn't pierce any internal organs/cavities but did go DEEP into the muscle and had to be surgically removed ($1000.00 later) she is recovering and needs cage rest and to be leash walked to go out....

Our camping trip this past weekend needed to be cancelled to keep an eye on the dog, and care for her...

This was ALL in ONE WEEK!!!!

What a VACATION ????!!!!! Oh brother...My husband went back to work today and we're still recovering I have SOOO much to catch up on.....food shopping...with next to no money now from all the vet bills...

I will be posting more soon...but bare with me....

Healthy Sweeteners with Raw Dog Rory

Really liked this video!

July 8, 2010

"Integrative Nutrition" book by Joshua Rosenthal

A friend's daughter told me about this book. Joshua Rosenthal has his "roots" in macrobiotics, but realized that macrobiotics does not cure everyone. In his VERY informative book, Joshua Rosenthal says that no one diet fits all. Each person must experiment and see what makes them feel the best. Also he says that there is real FOOD nutrition and then there is nutrition for the SOUL...your job/purpose, your relationships etc.

Also in the book are a variety of diets and example menus (raw foods , macrobiotics, the Zone Diet, the Blood Type Diet and many, many more diets...) I am really enjoying reading this book! I would recommend it highly...and as usual I took it out of my local library (FREE information and learning! YAHOO!)

Unraveling Thyroid Antibodies from dknews

This doctor has great insight and is worth following...here is his newsletter...sign up to get it yourself if you'd like...have a GREAT day!


July 5, 2010

Fruit "Hand Pies" Recipe

I remember that I mentioned my idea/recipe for "hand pies". A hand pie is a  bit of pie filling usally totally enclosed in pie crust and closed up kind of like a large ravioli or pierogie.(but pie crust on the outside "dough" and fruit filling on the inside. Kind of like a fruit filled "egg roll". Will try to get a picture up soon...

I just made another one today...(cherries, raspberries, and strawberries are great also, pick any fruit you like in a pie)

Today's Recipe

1 Food For Life Rice Tortilla
approx 1/2 cup fruit in season (or frozen fruit) (today I used peaches and blueberries from the farm stand)
2 tsp oil of choice (today I used avocado oil)
all fruit jam or preserves or maple syrup to sweeten fruit- if desired (optional)
cinnamon sugar to sprinkle (optional)
small scoop of vanilla rice dream or soy milk "frozen dessert" (ice  cream) (optional)

Heat up pan on medium, put in oil.

Saute tortilla on one side to soften and lightly brown about 2-3 minute. Flip tortilla and put raw fruit on the tortilla (if desired cook the fruit and make fruit filling in a separate pot then add to tortilla)

Let tortilla brown on other side for 2-3 minutes and fold like an egg roll, if you don't know how to do this just fold tortilla in half. Brown on both sides for another minute or 2 til you get the desired crispness you like.

Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar if desired and top with vanilla soy or rice "frozen dessert" Yummy! and gluten free, dairy frre and egg free!

PS you can get all fruit preserves with no sugar added (make sure there is no artificial sweetener added also ! that is a "game" the manufacturer's play they'll say no sugar added but then they add splenda or something, STAY away from that artificial chemcal stuff, it's BAD, BAD BAD for our bodies!)

July 2, 2010

Macrobiotic Cooking Class

Went to a Macrobiotic cooking class given by Susan Kreiger at The Montauk Hill House, a bed and breakfast, in Montauk NY. The kitchen was beautful and large enough to accomodate 20 people that atended the class! I wish I had a kitchen like that to teach in!

Susan made a 3 course lunch that was delicious and one of the best things was the macrobiotic living/healing advice she gave as she cooked. I was put off when my macrobiotic counsellor said I had to go to a class to learn to cook..didn't he know I know how to cook already?? But I have to admit although I could have cooked what Susan made and I knew how to do it, she did pair ingredients like tempeh and sauerkraut that I probably wouldn't have thought about...then add in all that great macrobiotic living/healing information as she cooked and YES friends it WAS a GREAT IDEA to attend a cooking class...even for ME!

It was also great to have someone else cook for my husband and I and although the class was expensive we did get a meal included and my husband and I considered it a "date". Montauk is a beautiful , as was the bed and breakfast we learned at, and we ate at picnic tables on a beautiful stone,  outdoor balcony /deck.

Everything said,  it was a very fun, delicious and informative time that was had by all! Try attending a macrobiotic cooking class, or a raw food class. It is also great to be around like minded people who will support you!