February 10, 2012

Can Going Gluten Free Rid You of Migraines? Most times Yes!

Please watch the following video. Many people are completely free from migraines after going on a gluten free diet. (*** my advice please get tested for Celiac Disease first - then whether you test positive or negative - do the gluten free diet and see if you feel any better- if you are a Celiac you must stay on the diet for life -  if not- it is your choice whether or not to continue the GF diet ***)
Also the best defense from migraines is to see if you have any other food allergies and avoid those foods as well!
Food allergy testing info http://web.me.com/stevenenninger/SteveNenninger/Home.html
Video and link to Migraine Free after going Gluten Free


  1. Being on a diet that is gluten free can be restrictive but it's so liberating to feel so good and bloat free! I've started to use a gluten free toothpaste by Dr. Nate's recently and it's adding to my happy smile every day. healthygirl50@hotmail.com

  2. Anonymous,

    I agree sometimes a gluten free diet can be limiting but keep trying and keep feeling great...the way I feel is the main reason I stay on this diet. Look at my recipe blogs if you'd like. www.lupushopecookbook@blogspot.com
    and www.myfamilysfavoritegfcfrecipes.blogspot.com for recipe ideas. The gfcf recipes are only for special occasions not every day eating!