February 8, 2012

Nook vs a Good Book

My local library has started a program to lend out Nooks to those library patrons who are interested. The Nook that I received was preloaded with best sellers and newspapers etc. You could not download anything more onto it (normally if you purchase a Nook you have your own choice of what you can download onto it.)

This was a great way to experience a Nook to see if your lifestyle would benefit from owning a Nook.
I borrowed it from the library for the alotted 2 week time limit. and I used it a total of 2 times, even my teenage children did not want to use it...they each tried the Nook one time and said "boring".

I feel that all these electonic devices are not good for your health. Read a good old-fashioned  book, novel or newspaper or magazine...although the smell of the real books even can knock you over at times...between the glues the inks, the bleached and treated paper...

Nooks and Kindles emit EMF's and WiFi. Therefore they're probably as bad for you as cell phones (see the articles below)

I believe the best thing for people's health is to go back to nature, old fashioned ways, live like you grandparents did, incorporate natural materials and items in your life, and remember to try earthing/grounding. (You don't have to buy anything, if you don't want...just take you shoes off and go walk on the beach or even in your own yard...I know many of you are in the middle of winter...but do it whenever you can!)

Skip the technology if at all possible...read teh article below for more info.

http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/emf-book-mark-pinsky/1018139890 EMF Book

http://emfnews.org/Forget-Cellphone-Cancer-Kindles-Nooks-Can-Hurt-Your-Brain-Power.html Article on Kindles/Nooks and EMF's

http://earthing.com/ Earthing /Grounding Website

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