February 15, 2012

What Do I Eat Today? February 2012

Happy Cows in California

I think this is a fairly thorough list but I may add things on...

I eat totally gluten free, dairy free, egg free.

I try to eat many raw veggies, though some are cooked.

Fruits- not too many

Veggies- as many as possible

Allergic/intolerant to bananas so I skip these

Fish -salmon ,sardines, flounder ( all wildcaught), meat only small quantities and best quality/farming practices

Potatoes -sweet or white

Try to keep corn out of my diet but occasionally have organic corn

Less grains even the gluten free ones

Dark or Raw Chocolate - always dairy free

Olive oil, coconut oil

Nuts /seeds

Soy ice cream and cheeses occasionally

Rice milk, nut milks and coconut milk

Beans cooked

I try to do less sugar/salt

Carlson's cod liver oil
Methyl protect with B12 supplements

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