February 7, 2012

Check out This Food Pyramid!

This says it's a raw food pyramid...but these foods, raw and/or cooked, are a great way to eat! You can add small amounts of animal products too, if you desire, for your health. Always get blood tested for nutrient levels/hormone levels to make sure your body is getting adequate nutrition no matter what you choose to eat. If you are in a diseased state (Lupus) you are most likely deficient in many nutrients! The Metametrix Cardio Ion is great to check what nutrients you are missing.


  1. Just found your website--lupus symptoms since puberty, just recently diagnosed at 34 (37 now). Only time in my life I didn't have these symptoms is when I eat like this. Great website!

  2. Hi Vintageelena,

    So glad you found my blog. Glad you're feeling better. Thanks for the pat on the back! Keep in touch