February 6, 2012

Can Your Eyesight Get Better as You Age? YES!

I am happy to report that my eyesight has improved! When I had my eyes examined today I could see the entire eyechart with my left eye and the second to the bottom line with my right eye!  I just turned 49 this month.

I also passed my driver's license eye test...which previously I failed since was 25? (can't remember the exact age but I always had glasses on my driver's license)

Inflammation (food allergies)-or sugar, hydrogenated fats can cause vision disturbances anywhere in the body incuding your eyes.
Nutrition- more nutrients going into the body, by juicing veggies and fruits and eating for nutrition, for instance choosing to eat kale instead of a donut etc. can feed the eye and give it the necessary nutrients it need to rebuild and function properly.

Eye Specific Nutrients- http://www.netdoctor.co.uk/eyes/eye-protection-nutrition.htm


Macular Degeneration- Many doctors say that this condition can be reversed if caught early (See December 2011 Sherry Rogers Total Wellness Newsletter for information on how)

***Also a quick note.... Why don't eye doctors say "what can we do to get your eyes healthier?  nutrients, healthier eating, supplements, eye exercises"...instead of saying "your eyes are not functioning well here's your diagnosis (incureable) and/or here are your glasses. Bye and see you next year!" Things that make me go GRRRR!***


  1. Just discussing this with my father---I have been on a healthy, somewhat raw vegan diet since August and was surprised that almost immediately my vision improved! He is undergoing alternative therapies for diabetes and fibromyalgia, including diet changes, and after one week his eyes are noticably improved. What if there is absolutely nothing your body can't heal or restore if it is properly nourished?

  2. Vintageelena,

    I think new cells are being created all the time and inflammation can go down if you eat the right diet for your body. I think there is almost nothing the body can't heal! Glad to hear you anf your dad are doing better!