November 22, 2009

My First You Tube Video!

Hi Everyone! I was having fun this weekend with my daughter, who has been begging me to make a raw food preparation video with her as the camera person. We don't have a camcorder so we used my daughter's digital camera...the camera made it sound like I have a terrible LISP! I don't! (Not that there's anything wrong with lisping...)Here's the link

I hope to do more videos in the future. I started with this video and recipe because a group of moms of autistic children, that I speak to, haven't made raw food before and were asking many questions about the recipe...I decided to show how to make this recipe first...because it was one my family loved! Thanks Chef Amy for posting it!

PS If you or anyone you know has an autistic child or even just ADD/ADHD, or if your child/ren need to follow a GFCF diet for any other reason... please tell them to visit  They have terrific advice on all things diet related and autism related and biomedical information. The moms there are amazing! Always willing to lend an ear and share advice and encouragement!

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