March 21, 2011

Grain Free/ Starch Free Diets

I went to visit a mom (who is also a chiropractor and nutritionist) who I had met years ago to ask her to display flyers for my healthy cooking classes that are coming up. She sat and talked with me for a few minutes and helped me understand my present thinking better. Here is her blog address

She advocates a grain free, starch free, gluten free cooked and raw diet with meats . She had said that many of her patients have crohn's, colitis and celiac disease. I know I felt better on the raw foods diet (mostly no grains unless sprouted which I didn't do often) but still felt not quite "right". I felt there was something missing... then I heard about macrobiotics which said to plan meals around grains as the main attraction. This didn't work for me either, although the warming foods and soups and seaweeds, I believe, did wonders for me.

I have been eating less and less grains and starches and have been feeling better but still again not perfect. I still have many food allergies/intolerances (IgG tested) and know that plays into how I feel at times. Research what makes YOU feel best and get your blood tested yearly (and completely...for vitamins, minerals , and hormone levels, etc) to make sure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs and that your diigestion is working properly to assimilate what you eat as well.

Looking for more info on grain free diets

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