March 7, 2011

St. Patty's Day is Coming...are you a Celiac???

What do St. Patty's Day and Celiac Disease (an autoimmune disease in which people are unable to digest gluten properly) have in common??? Many more people of Irish descent have Celiac Disease. If you have any of the symptoms associated with Celiac Disease or strange other symptoms and you don't feel well long term have your doctor check for Celiac Disease.  Symptoms of Celiac Disease

Also check for Celiac Disease if you are of Italian descent and have issues with your you know that all children in both Italy and Ireland are tested for Celiac Disease before starting school in those countries??? They should do this in the US as well...we are so slow on the uptake at times...California will probably do this routinely eventually...they are so aware and on top of health!

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