March 25, 2011

No Deprivation here!

My GF Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Ganache Layer Cake (with Rice Whip- my daughter's idea)

Wanted to add a little disclaimer- I am just saying it is POSSIBLE to make all these foods gluten free, dairy free, and egg free, not that anyone should overdo it on these. Still be aware of portion size and make sure that you are eating greens, veggies and homemade fresh veggie juice as a large part of your diet! Then have a treat now and then if your body tolerates it.

As I was making hazelnut milk this morning for my "Hazelnut Praline Chocolates". I made the hazelnut praline/brittle the other day....I realized again that I am deprived of very little these days. (this recipe was born of my daughter seeing this type of candy in a Godiva chocolate shop -at the chocolate shop all the chocolate had milk in it) You may think I would feel deprived on my gluten free, dairy free, egg free diet (as well as some other foods free as well) but I don't feel deprived..... almost NEVER!

I also was making raw ranch dressing this am, yummy! (My kids used to love ranch dressing before they were dairy free)

And I made vanilla cupcakes with lemon glaze and chocolate ganache the other day...(my daughter and my husband and I had been hankering for a good vanilla cupcake)

The week before that I made a raspberry and chocolate ganache layer cake. (We had seen a chocolate raspberry torte at Costco)

On St. Patty's Day I made a gluten free, vegan Irish Soda Bread . (my daughter said there was Irish Soda Bread at school and she didn't get to try a piece.... being that I like this too I set out to make it and was very happy with the results)

One of my favorite things to say to my kids or husband or even myself if we see a delicious food or treat in the store is " I believe I have the technology" to make the treat or food GF and Dairy Free and Egg Free and EVEN healthier (I have the technology line is from the old 6 Million Dollar Man show- if you all remember) My family may have to wait til I get the chance to make it, but they are usually very happy with the results when I finally do make it!

There is very little that I cannot make a good to great rendition of at this point. I satisfy almost all my food cravings (one I still crave that I can't make gluten free dairy free egg free is a sfogliatelle if anyone ever gets a GF Vegan recipe for that one let me know---I actually tried to make them once with a gluten full recipe I found the recipe in one of Martha Stewart's cookbooks years back and although they tasted good, they were pretty horrible looking) One thing that is harder for me is not to eat all these goodies with them all around. My family shouldn't be deprived because of me though....but I still choose to eat more nutrient dense foods as much as possible because I have Lupus, they do not. Sometimes I am better than others about fighting temptation...but if it gets too crazy I just make things for them that I don't care for or I skip a week of making goodies and make "real foods" only.

My point here is not that everyone should eat tons of goodies, or make tons of goodies, just that if you have a craving it IS possible to recreate these things in a gluten free, dairy free, egg free, and many times slightly to much healthier way than what you would buy at a store/ restaurant/bakery.

Also I am not Martha, I do NOT cook all day long everyday, I go through spurts of wanting to cook, or craving something that forces me to cook, and sometimes not wanting to cook AT ALL! When I don't want to cook I grab an apple or a carrot and munch...sometimes I don't even feel like chopping veggies for a salad. Either I eat the veggies whole or I throw them in the food processor and have a chopped salad. Many times the dressing is just olive oil or flax oil and lemon or ume plum vinegar or raw apple cider vinegar.

Foods are sometimes grabbed and eaten and sometimes slaved over for hours to get the perfect taste.

Have a great weekend !


  1. This looks so good! My 21 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with Lupus, so we're trying to figure out a diet that works for her but still gives her a treat now and again. We are both lactose and gluten intolerant as well, so I love seeing posts like this. It IS possible to have a treat and still be healthy. Thanks so much for your very informative blog. I just stumbled on it tonight and have soaked it up!

  2. Hi Paula,

    How did you find out about the gluten and lactose intolerance? Remember don't overdo it on the treats! Also watch if eggs, sugar, or other foods cause more joint pain as well.

    Good luck to you and your daughter, sounds like you are on the right track being gluten and dairy free. Make sure you don't go too much for the processed gluten free foods remember to eat naturally gluten free foods most of the time. Fish, veggies, fruits, nuts,
    etc. Don't make the mistake of trying to fill in the blanks with lots of gluten free breads/cakes/cookies/chips etc They are still "junk foods" to be eaten sparingly or even not at all depending on your health.Keep in touch!