March 18, 2011

Kale for Treating Pain?

This is the way I "roll" lately. I pulled a muscle the other day. I decided not to go for the Tylenol but instead eat a big bowl of "greens". Cooked kale/collards... whatever you have available or you can get. Dark leafy greens TRULY are a SUPER one is going to argue that! I thought stiff muscle.... to relax it...magnesium.... Yes I could have taken a supplement but I chose to eat magnesium the way God intended in dark leafy greens with the perfect balance of calcium/magnesium, vitamin C , potassium and on and the link below for full nutrition info on kale. I may eat another bowl tomorrow too. Holistic medicine is not always the quick fix...sometimes you have to have patience and there is so little in today's society.... today's society wants to pop a pill (that causes all kinds of side effects) to feel better right away! One final note when you eat kale or any other food chew, chew, CHEW you will digest the nutrients better and give your teeth a great workout too!

Nutrition Data on Kale

Concerned about oxalic acid?  Very little in kale (make sure you boil or lightly steam kale for 5 Minutes the acid will leach into water and water can be discarded)

Should kale be eaten raw? Oxalic acid in raw foods

Foods that if eaten suppress the thyroid function (watch for raw cruciferous veggies including kale)


  1. I eat kale with quinoa. And add rock salt, cumin and tumeric for taste and their own health properties. Beetroots add a nice flavour to quinoa :)

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