March 28, 2011

No Deprivation here - Part Deux (2)

Wanted to add a little disclaimer- I am just saying it is POSSIBLE to make all these foods gluten free, dairy free, and egg free, not that anyone should overdo it on these. Still be aware of portion size and make sure that you are eating greens, veggies and homemade fresh veggie juice as a large part of your diet! Then have a treat now and then if your body tolerates it.

I showed my last post to my husband and he said what about the "real foods" that you make that are delicious and gluten free, dairy free and egg free post some of those too. Well here are some of the favorites lately.

My lunch the other day was a large salad with mixed organic baby greens, romaine lettuce, celery, cucumber, carrots, shallot, ume plum vinegar, flax oil, homemade southwestern hummus, and leftover salmon... delicious and healthy!

I try to have a large salad each day and some cooked greens also (kale or collards etc.)

Here are some other family faves.

Layered mexican lasagna- Brown Rice Tortillas sauteed in a little olive oil til crisp with refried beans, onions, jalapenos, salsa,  layered (we sometimes use chicken/turkey or beef leave out if vegan) baked in the oven then topping of guacamole, dairy free sour cream, lettuce,  tomatoes, cilantro on top when out of oven. Tasted like we were at a fancy Mexican restaurant.

Bean enchiladas- brown rice tortillas soaked quickly in warm water and rolled with beans and mexican sauce, cover with mexican sauce and some grated non dairy cheese (we used Daiya cheddar last time)

Lasagna with raw cheeze Gluten Free Tinkyada lasagna noodles layered with sauce, your favorite raw food cheese recipe or other nondairy cheese add peppers, onions,sausage or chopped meat(leave out if vegan) favorite veggies can be added as well like zucchini, spinach, etc

Southwestern hummus - found a recipe on the internet and modified it as usual will try to post soon. Had chipotle in it!

Chinese egg rolls- A recipe modified from Martha Stewart's website. Used a brown rice tortilla sauteed in oil for the wrapper. Tastes almost like a real egg roll. The wrapper gets very crisp.

Pakoras- Indian "fritters" garbanzo batter with potato, spinach and onions sauteed in oil

Minestrone soup- Tons of veggies and beans and veggie broth and tomato sauce and spices

Turkey burgers wrapped like a package in brown rice tortillas with jalapeno peach jelly- we use Amy's jelly

Guacamole - avocado "salsa"

Lidia's (Italy) potato salad- German type potato salad with sauteed pancetta (leave out if vegan or substitute vegan bacon bits)

Baked ziti- almost same as lasagna see as above

I have some of these recipes on my recipe blogs but I will try to post the rest.

Have a great week!

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