March 14, 2011

Poll Results Blood Type "A" More Likely To Go To Alternative Doctors?

I did give my reason for creating this poll in the question.... If you would see a naturopath/holistic doctor or change your diet to lessen your Lupus symptoms what blood type are you? In other words are A bloodtype people more likely to go to alternative doctors? (Naturopaths/Holistic Doctors, etc)

There were 24 votes total

A     13   54%
O     7     29%
AB   2     8%
B      2     8%

It looks as if "A" bloodtype personality might appear to cause a person to seek out an alternative medicine doctor/practitioner. I wonder why? Their personality? Any comments?

1 comment:

  1. Read the prior posting and commented before seeing you did find blood type A seeks alternative medicine. Myself I think its connected with the diet connection for blood types, Blood type A tends to do best with vegetables. Just a theory.