December 8, 2011

Correct Way to Skin Brush from Green Smoothie Girl

Brandy, the skin brushing instructor, also tells how she had Lupus and is now free from it, both through blood tests, antibody free, and symptom free. Another testimony...also Robyn says Brandy is the fourth? person in a year that said to her that Lupus can be helped/reversed with a plant based diet.

Skin below to watch how to video from Green Smoothie Girl and Brandy.


  1. This was a great post. Do you believe juicing has the same advantages as our green smoothies? I know you recently bought a juicer. What features should I look for in a juicer?

  2. Green Smoothie Diet,

    Juice is the easiest to digest. If you are very ill it is also the easiest on your body.It also allows you to drink in the most nutrients without filling you up with the fiber.

    Green smoothies leave the fiber in and this is good if you are able to handle this. It is also more filling with the fiber. It is more like eating babyfood for your body.

    As for the juicers, I should do a whole post on this. I bought a Jack LaLanne juicer because it was inexpensive, but there are far better ones. Keep your eyes peeled for a juicer post!