December 16, 2011

Healthy Meal Preparation Tips

Yesterday's lunch was organic pressure cooked garbanzos, organic chopped veggies,
(celery, broccoli, grated carrot )
marinated roasted peppers chopped ,
with organic red wine vinegar and organic extra virgin olive oil

One of the best ways to plan your meals that I've found is to ask yourself...

1) What is at the farmer's market/in season/ grocery store produce ?
(we now have a couple of winter farmer markets on Long Island!- I'm so excited )

2) What is presently in your fridge, what do you have to work with?

3) Do you want to just eat, prepare something easy, or go gourmet ?

This morning I looked in my fridge and the produce I found was

1) fresh cranberries (will make cranberry sauce)
2) frozen raspberries (can eat as is, defrost them, add them to a smoothie, or make sorbet)
3) lemons (eat as is, squirt their juice in water, make lemon ginger tea)
4) green and red bell peppers (eat raw or roast in oven and/or marinate)
5) celery (soup or salad or sticks to dip)
6) lettuce (salad or on a sandwich or as a wrap)
7) broccoli (can cook or eat raw)
8) kale (can cook or eat raw or smoothie)
9) ginger root (tea or add to desserts or Asian meals)

I also have garbanzo beans that I pressure cooked a few days ago (you can freeze portions as well)

Healthy recipes can be found by searching the internet, from library cookbooks, or at my blogs. (more healthy and healing recipes) (more for cravings/a treat...not always so healthy)

I made a big batch of my garbanzo bean salad yesterday and my daughter had some after school for a snack and my husband had some in the evening as an appetizer...

It's great to make extra when you cook or prepare something healthy, so either yourself or the rest of the family has something easy to grab and eat whenever you are hungry, that will cause less slip ups of I'm starving and all I see are these GF Vegan Cookies...

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