December 26, 2011

Holistic Doctor List (to be under construction!)

My daughter made me gluten free, vegan fruit cake scones for Christmas.
I have to put up my recipe for scones/Irish soda bread (same ingredients)

Hi Everyone!

Hope you had or are having Happy Holidays! I wanted to let you know about a Holistic doctor list that I want to create. Be on the look out on my blog. It will be coming soon!

I want to put doctors that I have researched and know are good or doctors I have gone to that are excellent. I think I am going to add the list to my blog and if you have anyone to add please add to the comments or feel free to email me at

I get many people emailing me for suggestions on their specific case. I am happy to listen and give advice from what I have researched but by far my best advice is to find a holistic doctor (or a few holistic doctors - a team) that you trust and you feel comfortable with and work through your case with him/her/them.


  1. I am looking forward to the list you will compile :) I am sure it'll help a lot of people :D

  2. Holistic Lifestyles Guide,

    Will try to get the post up asap. That is my mission in life, to help folks find holistic information on Lupus faster and easier!