December 21, 2011

A Gluten Free Testimonial Video - Restless Leg, Psoriasis, and Arthritis Gone!

My daughter's GF Vegan Candy Cane Pizzas

Watch this video  more testimony to the gluten free diet. I had restless leg syndrome that went away also, and my skin got healthier looking, and less aches and pains too. Testimonial to gluten free diet causing health to improve Gluten Free Society


  1. Me too!
    I have been low gluten since Thanksgiving, and I am slowly starting to feel better and my psoriasis and arthritis are slowly going into remission.

    Now after watching this I shall try adding vitamin D.

    Erik Von Halle, Oak Ridge, Tn

  2. Erik,

    So glad to hear that you are doing better! Vitamin D is low in so many people even those in FL and CA. Best to get tested by a doctor to know how much vitamin D you have, then get the number up to at least 50. (or whatever your holistic doctor says it should be)