December 20, 2011

DeLand Bakery Bread - notification of dedicated GF facility in 2012!

First off don't go eating tons of this bread,  just because, even when they certify it gluten free.
Make sure you eat your veggies and other healthy unprocessed whole foods. Just wanted to let you know that this is coming in the beginning of 2012.

I don't know if anyone knows about DeLand Bakery and their millet breads/rolls/bagels (their bagel is like a roll, sorry New Yorkers if you are in the mood for a gf bagel try Joan's GF Great Bakes) They are great tasting and would be a great bread substitute for those with Celiac Disease and others intolerant to wheat/gluten.

I say "would be" because years back they touted themselves as gluten free. Many people did fine with the bread but others had reactions. Upon testing, the bread was found to have gluten at higher than allowable levels. They then changed their story and said that they do not make their breads in a dedicated gluten free facility so they added a warning label to the bread that said may contain wheat, gluten and yeast this happenned many years ago.

Well now I just received notice from the company that beginning in 2012 they will be making a certified gluten free line in a completely gluten free facility. They have also added an organic line of breads. Again don't overdo it, just letting you know that a product exists for occasional sandwiches/bread crumbs etc. The link to the bakery is below.

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