January 11, 2010

Heart Rate Monitor

I decided to go to Sports Authority to get a heart rate monitor. The one I purchased is like a watch that also tells calories burned, is a stop watch, tells your heart rate, pulse and more.

The reason I wanted to get this  is when I get stressed and my pulse goes up,  to learn to actively relax with breathing and calming exercises. It is not good to get stressed many times during the day, and if you do it is great to learn to relax again quickly so your pulse returns to normal as soon as possible. With a house full of pets, 2 teen children, and a husband  and having Lupus, food allergies, cooking much of the foods we eat, doctors visits, things can get stressful at times...

Also I can check if foods are giving me issues, raising or lowering my pulse. This is an added benefit. Please click below to see the directions on using pulse testing to check for food allergies.

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