January 20, 2010

Results of the Cardio Ion test

I had a test done through Metametrix called the Cardio Ion Panel. It was very expensive about $850 and not covered under insurance but the results are incredible. I am very happy I had the test done.
Some of it I still need help reading but here is what it shows..

Cholesterol was at 177 in this test in the Quest test it was 212??? I like 177 better! Does cholesterol fluctuate that much? Are there different readings at different labs?
Lipoproteins were high
CoQ10 was low

The Lipoproteins and the low CoQ10 are risk factors for heart disease.

Chronic Inflammation is low. Homocysteine is low. All other heart factors with these are good.

I was low on 4 out of 13 amino acids. (am curious why?)

Low on some neurotransmitters and precursers. (phenylalanine and glutamic acid)

Low on selenium

In my blood there is not too much heavy metals, lead ,mercury etc. Seems to be stored in my tissues instead...

Vitamin D is higher at 38, but still supplementing to get it higher.

Low in some fatty acids

It breaks down to this...

Cardiovascular System --medium significance(medium issue for me)
Fatigue--large significance (bigger issue to pay attention to/correct)
Metabolic Syndrome(X)---low signifcance (not much of an issue for me)
Mental Emotional---low significance
Intestinal Bacterial Metabolites---low significance
Intestinal Yeasts---low significance
Digestion/Absorption--low significance
Toxic Exposures--high medium significance
Detoxification Impairment---medium significance
Oxidative Stress/Antioxidant Deficiency---low to medium significance
Mitochondrial Functional Impairment---low to medium significance
Amino Acid Insufficiency---medium to high significance
Essential Fatty Acid Insufficiency---medium significance
Disordered Methyl Group (Single Carbon) Transfer---low significance
Disordered Tryptophan Metabolism---low significance

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