January 11, 2010

Not Dreaded Exercise- Fun Ways to Move Our Bodies!

I know I have an issue with going to the gym, exercising everyday, getting into an exercise routine...
Many of you are right along with me.

If you have any suggestions of things that you have done to get into a routine of enjoying your exercise please add them to the comments below or email me at lonedoggy@netzero.com and I will add them. Thank you!

The other day I went to Sports Authority looking for a heart rate monitor(I will talk about that in the next post) and looked around the store with my husband. This was a great way to get some new exercise ideas.

We saw skeet shooting(OK not too much exercise), a metal detector(walk and find metal obects), a scooter(which reminded me of those Trikkes) Trikke video http://3cvtv.com/video/230/Trikke-Turkey-Video-II  , frisbee golf, and cross country skiing. These were all FUN things I would like to try not just BORING exercise. This is what is necessary to get us all moving is to have fun.

Some other things I thought of that might be fun are ski-joring (cross country skiing combined with dog/s pulling you) http://www.skijoring.com/  , walking/hiking at a park, dancing.

Try to find a "fun way to move YOUR body". Check the local sports store, or what did you enjoy when you were a kid, or what just SPARKS you interest? Find your spark and MOVE!

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