January 5, 2010

My New Doctor

Here I go again...my chiropractor recommended me to this doctor and I will blog about what I liked and what I didn't like.

What I liked

1) No sense of pressure, if I wasn't sure about what he was recommending I could research it for myself
One thing he recommended was Ca IEP---still researching

2) Lengthy medical history taken by PA(Physician Assistant)

3) Lots of pertinent blood tests, when I asked for special blood tests that I had heard about had no problem ordering them (Cardio Ion, Methylmalonic Acid, Celiac Gene Testing etc.)

4)Believes that candida and mercury cause food allergies and the body gets out of balance from all of those things

5) Did Food allergy testing with ALCAT

6) Implemented personal B12 shots

7) Tested for heavy metals (I am  still waiting on the results)

8) Checked my D3 and gave me stronger supplements

What I didn't like

1) Didn't say that B12 can cause yeast to grow faster (I have learned this on the internet)

2)Went over my blood test results without realizing a good part of the report was missing, then went over EXTREMELY important test results at the very end of the visit and I didn't have time to formulate or ask questions (told me I may have Lyme's disease?, I have Hashimoto's thyroiditis, and my hormones are slightly off and then said "Oh well our time is up now for today... See you in 2 weeks" Then he needed to cancel the appt in 2 weeks and now it will be more like a month...Not a great bed side manner.... : (

3) Didn't like that I like Sherry Rogers...he said that a Far Infrared Sauna was "very Sherry " of me...again a JAB...not very nice and he didn't tell me how does he DETOX??? Or why doesn't he like Sherry Rogers?

4) When he said that the Lyme test looked odd like a may have had Lyme Disease and treated it or gotten the Lyme vaccine...he should have referred me to a Lyme Literate Doctor(specialist) to investigate further instead I was handed a prescription for antibiotics.... but I didn't fill it...I want to research more(The PA said I could try the herb Cat's Claw first and ask my NAET practitioner it my body had Lyme's and ask my body through NAET the treatment my body "asks for")

5) Suggested CoQ10 for my heart palpitations, before getting all the bloodtest results... but then gave me one with poor ingredients/colors, and then right before I left said I had thyroid problems, didn't suggest any hormones for that, and that could cause the palpitations, as could my "off" hormones. I will return the CoQ10 unopened for a refund...(Alot of the vitamins he sells say his name on the bottle...this is a service that a company offers It says "Dr. Blank" on the vitamin bottle, very "cheesy" in my opinion...He should have his name on the bottle only if he formulated the vitamin himself...)

6) Said my cholesterol was up and that with Lupus that was a GOOD THING on what planet????...not on my planet. I want to have low cholesterol(the high cholesterol is a symptom of the thyroid issue) because I have risk factors for blood clotting, heart problems with Lupus, antiphospholipid antibodies, cardiolipin antibodies, thyroiditis....

7) The minute I walked in the office he suggested Low Dose Naltrexone(I don't want to take that unless absolutely necessary...to me that is not a holistic approach)

8) Only got to visit with the doctor for 1/2 hour in 2 visits to his office(the PA  I saw 1 and 1/2 hours)

9) Have to drive all the way to Manhattan from Eastern LI to see this doctor (PS I HATE Manhattan, I am a quiet country girl)

10) Said to rotate the less allergic foods into my diet now I have a rash all over my waist/forearms/legs(PS I am going back on my elimination/rare foods diet ...the itching is driving me CRAZY!)

11) Holistic treatment didn't seem to be his first choice...(he is a M.D.)

12) Charged me A LOT of money so far and I still don't know what his protocol is....what he believes in doing in his practice...

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