April 6, 2010

I am Still Searching

Wanted to let you all know that when I took the foods I was allergic to out of my diet, more than 2 years ago, it made me feel much better as well as reduced my body's inflammation, this is shown and proven on my blood tests. I lowered my cholesterol, lost 85 lbs and counting...effortlessly (well I did have to eat radically differently..that took a lot of effort...), but no extreme exercise etc.and I eat as much food as I want and never starve myself.

In other words I feel pretty well most days, fatigue still gets to me at times as do my heart palpitations (which have gotten better during my first few days on macrobiotics) and constipation (which has gotten better on macrobitics too)...I still have joint pains if I eat something that has an allergen in it by accident. I believe I still have sun sensitivity and will get discoid Lupus sores if I am in the sun too much (I will try to monitor that as it gets warmer here in NY.)

My mission though, is to heal myself completely and reverse my Lupus, I have not acommplished that yet.
As I am on my journey I will continue to share my healing path with you all and hope, that in doing so, I can help you too! So I am still on that journey and that is why you still see me trying new things, the newest being "full on" macrobiotics, with the help of a very experienced macrobiotic counsellor. Wish me luck, as I wish you luck with your endeavors.... and great health and healing!

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