April 6, 2010

Total Vegan...is THAT the answer?

I sooo agree with so much in this video! Dr. Jameth Sheridan and I seem to have done the same research! I KNOW that the Gerson Therapy, Hippocrates Health Institute, Kushi Institute, Raw Food, and Macrobiotics can all reverse cancer and other diseases.

Cooked food is not evil, junk food/processed foods are evil !!!! And one of the most frustrating things for me is weeding through the information such as 70% and up chocolate/ cocoa is good for you (1-2 oz/day)...wait no other side of the argument ....it's BAD for you. Then you need to decide.... how does it make YOU feel ? Do you feel healthier? or do you crave it/eat it too much? Or is it harming your health? And BE HONEST!

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