April 22, 2010

Now We're Cooking With Gas!

Another unique idea in Macrobiotics is that microwave ovens should NEVER be used! Electric stoves should not be used and gas cooking/cooking with fire is the way to go. Cooking with electricity denatures the food and speeds up the molecules in the food too much.

I cannot afford to get gas into my neighborhood (23,000 dollars!) so we bought a propane campstove for outside. I will now cook out on the patio... probably good to get the fresh air too! Thank goodness it's spring!

Warming foods have seemed to make me feel even better (except for my diet mistakes of yesterday and the day before.)  I also have been noticing I don't need to sit and take a rest during the day like I used to. Wondering how much this macrobiotic diet is doing for my nutritional deficiencies....I want to get another blood test soon and check what's going on.

On a side note, if I get good at using the campstove I thought how nice it would be to have outdoor cooking classes....Hmmmm......

I still think whether you choose a raw food diet or a cooked food diet eat good foods that you are not allergic to and get tested for celiac disease (Mark Hyman MD just wrote that he believes 60% of autoimmune diseases start because of celiac disease!) and don't eat junk foods (I'm going to spank myself now for yesterday!--just kidding) Have a GREAT day!

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