April 12, 2010

Macrobiotics is NOT just a diet

I apologize... I talked way too much that I was trying a new "diet". Macrobiotics is not just a diet, it is a way of life.  Yes, it is a way of eating but there is much more involved... it is a life practice. There are many books out there written by people who reversed terminal leukemias and other cancers. There are many videos/articles on the internet too. But  it is best if macrobiotics is brought into your life BEFORE you are ill though so let those healthy people around you know about it too!

As always I ask you if you are interested in any of the protocols explained in my blog, do your own research, check every detail and report, and decide for yourself with your doctor/health care practitioner if a protocol/diet would help you. It would aso be helpful to do every 6 months or a yearly blood test to make sure you aren't deficient in any nutrients.

If your doctor disagrees with you on something you think would be good for you, seek another doctor...for instance my rheumatologist still doesn't believe that diet change can help a person with Lupus even after I told her of my experience and she even wrote 2 research papers that Lupus and Celiac Disease go hand in hand.(I continue with her just to get my bloodwork done every 6 months to a year).  I have seen at least 5 doctors personally,  and heard of at least 12 other doctors that agree that diet change has a TREMENDOUS benefit when a person has Lupus...therefore it is necessary to find the appropriate doctor for you.

Macrobiotic Life Plan
1) Body Rub (to increase skin's detox capability/ increase circulation)
2) Foot Bath (to help body detox and increase circulation)
3) Build a relationship and a thankfulness about your food
4) Taking responsibility for your health, develop a strong will and determination to create your own health
5) Treating your body as the "temple" that it is
6) Treating the earth and animals of the earth properly
8) Becoming the best person that you can be
9) Striving for peaceful living, less stress
10) Being kind and forgiving
11)Rising early and sleeping before midnight
12)Keeping you mealtimes regular
13) Eating organic  whole foods
14) A natural environment indoors and out : plants, glass, wood and metal
15) Not using electricity to cook, use gas/fire
16)Wearing cotton clothing near skin
17) Getting and giving support, both for the diet and other life issues
18) Have natural curiosity, appreciate life
19) Be flexible and adaptable in your macrobiotics practice
20) Learn to cook well
21) Do life related exercise, gardening, housework, walk to the store/farmstand to shop etc.
22) Cultivate and take time for hobbies


  1. Love, love, love the life plan- I'm going to write it down- it's similar to what I'm trying to do in my life ATM, though I wasn't specifically following a macrobiotic lifestyle so that is interesting. Thanks!

  2. Lila,
    So glad you liked the Life Plan. I will be getting into macrobiotics in depth, so enjoy the posts.