April 7, 2010

Macrobiotics Day 6

Tomorrow I will have been practicing macrobiotics for one week already! Time flies!

A few new things I have learned are:
Umeboshi Plums (pickled plums) are the Far Eastern equivalent to aspirin/apple a day mentality.

Grated daikon radish helps your body digests fat and oils better/easier. Good to eat with salmon/fish/foods sauteed in oil.

Tree fruits (apples, cherries,pears etc.) are best eaten cooked, to be more easily digested.

Pressure cooking is preferred type of cooking grains.

Spinach is not on a macrobiotic diet, you may eat many other greens but due to it's high oxalic acid content, NO SPINACH!

Some things I already knew but are fun to share:
Kukicha tea (bancha twig tea) helps your body digest and assimilate grains.

Miso (fermented soy bean paste) cleanses the blood.

Putting a piece of kombu (seaweed) is macrobiotics version of adding a bayleaf for easier to digest beans.

Sea weeds and sea vegetables have an incredible array of minerals for your body to fix any mineral deficiencies it may have.

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